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Unlock Your Full Potential: Expert Tips for Freelance Truck Drivers Using Vehicle Tracking

If you are an independent driver operating a truck, tray, or van, and you work for multiple employers, it is crucial for you to accurately report all your trips. This is where MyCarTracks comes to your aid. Allow us to illustrate how MyCarTracks can assist you through an example.

Truck tracking

Let’s introduce Joe, a dedicated truck driver who collaborates with three different employers for various assignments. Joe faces the task of reporting all the trips he completes to his supervisors on a weekly basis. Previously, Joe relied on traditional pen-and-paper methods, which consumed a significant amount of his time. Additionally, he encountered challenges when supervisors disputed payment for certain trips. However, upon discovering MyCarTracks, Joe realized the solution to his problems. He swiftly downloaded the MyCarTracks app on his mobile phone (Android / Apple) and began recording each trip. Notably, this app also provided added value to his employers by enabling them to track Joe’s real-time location as he delivered goods.

Download MyCarTracks and start tracking your vehicles now

Let’s delve into Joe’s setup process. Once he installed the MyCarTracks app on his phone (Android / Apple), he proceeded to create three distinct vehicles, with each vehicle assigned to a specific employer. Joe assigned appropriate names to the vehicles, allowing him to easily identify which vehicle corresponded to which employer. During the vehicle creation process, he utilized the Sharing option, inputting his employers’ email addresses. This enabled his employers to track his live position whenever he carried out jobs for them. Given that Joe had three employers, he opted for the Business plan offered by MyCarTracks. And that’s it! From that point forward, when Joe undertakes any assignments, he simply selects the relevant vehicle from the provided list and begins recording his trips. At the end of each week, he accesses the web application, generates a comprehensive logbook for each employer, and promptly submits them. Gone are the days of cumbersome paper reports and unnecessary hassles.