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Mitigating Mileage Fraud Risks with Advanced GPS-Based Mileage Tracking

Mileage fraud

Mileage fraud is a prevalent challenge affecting employers and employees alike, with instances of exaggerated work-related travel distances or unaccounted personal trips leading to inaccurate reimbursement claims. This malpractice can lead to financial loss for employers, and sometimes, can invite legal consequences.

A key solution to mitigating mileage fraud risk is GPS-based mileage tracking, a key feature offered by MyCarTracks. This article discusses how GPS-based mileage tracking works and how it can effectively diminish mileage fraud risks.

What is GPS-Based Mileage Tracking?

GPS-based mileage tracking, as offered by MyCarTracks, uses GPS technology to automatically monitor a vehicle’s distance traveled. It employs the built-in GPS capabilities of a smartphone or tablet to track vehicle movement, logging each ride as it starts and ends.

Post-trip, the app calculates crucial metrics, including the total distance covered and corresponding expenses. This data is securely stored in the cloud, ready to be exported into a report for reimbursement purposes.

GPS-based mileage tracking trumps manual mileage tracking, offering several advantages. It eliminates the need for time-consuming, error-prone manual record-keeping, delivers accurate, verifiable data, and provides comprehensive insights into an employee’s travel expenses, assisting with budgeting and planning.

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GPS-Based Mileage Tracking: A Weapon Against Mileage Fraud

GPS-based mileage tracking minimizes mileage fraud risks by eliminating manual record-keeping prone to manipulation and errors. The automatic recording of distance traveled leaves no room for exaggerating travel distances.

The second advantage is the accurate, verifiable data produced using GPS technology. This data cannot be tampered with and provides a detailed, verifiable record of an employee’s travel expenses, aiding in verifying reimbursement claim accuracy.

Finally, GPS-based mileage tracking gives a comprehensive view of an employee’s travel expenses, including associated costs like fuel, parking, and tolls. Identifying discrepancies or unusual patterns in these expenses can act as early warning signs of fraudulent activity.

Embrace GPS-Based Mileage Tracking with MyCarTracks

MyCarTracks incorporates GPS-based mileage tracking into its robust mileage tracking solution. To utilize this feature, users simply download the MyCarTracks app, enable GPS tracking, and let the app automatically track travel distances and related expenses, which can later be exported into a report for reimbursement.

MyCarTracks also provides real-time tracking and reporting features to further minimize fraud risk, allowing employers to monitor travel expenses in real-time, and helping them spot discrepancies or unusual patterns.


Mileage fraud is a problem that burdens both employers and employees. It can lead to inaccurate reimbursement claims, cause financial loss, and sometimes even provoke legal consequences. GPS-based mileage tracking, as offered by MyCarTracks, can significantly reduce the risk of mileage fraud. By providing accurate and verifiable data, eliminating manual record-keeping, and giving a comprehensive view of an employee’s travel expenses, MyCarTracks is the essential tool for a secure and efficient mileage tracking system.