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Boost Your Vehicle’s Mileage with MyCarTracks: 5 Essential Tips

Is it possible to get over 20 kilometers per gallon from a car under actual driving conditions? While it may seem outrageous, enhancing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is not as complicated as one might think. Although the figures quoted by car manufacturers are often derived from laboratory conditions, you can significantly improve your car’s mileage in real-world situations with some simple tips. Here’s how MyCarTracks can assist you in achieving better mileage:

1. Harness the Power of Coasting

Coasting is a simple yet effective way to improve your car’s fuel efficiency and reduce brake wear. It’s all about utilizing the kinetic energy your car generates, allowing it to move forward even when you’re not accelerating. MyCarTracks enables you to track your driving habits, including acceleration and deceleration, helping you develop better coasting techniques over time.

2. Use Your Car’s AC Judiciously

Running your AC continuously on high on a hot summer day can reduce your car’s mileage by up to 30%. For instance, if you usually drive 500 km on a full tank of petrol with the AC on, turning it off could allow you to drive approximately 600–625 km. MyCarTracks helps you analyze your fuel consumption, assisting you in making adjustments, such as managing your AC usage, to optimize your car’s mileage.

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3. Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure

Maintaining the right tire pressure can significantly boost your car’s fuel efficiency. All you need to do is stick to the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. Without it, your car’s fuel efficiency could drop by 10% to 15%. Utilize MyCarTracks to maintain vehicle maintenance records, including tire pressure checks, ensuring you always stay on top of your vehicle’s health.

4. Shift Gears Correctly

Abrupt acceleration can significantly lower your car’s efficiency. A smoother acceleration and driving at higher gears usually improve fuel efficiency. By using MyCarTracks, you can monitor your driving behavior, identifying opportunities for smoother acceleration and better gear usage.

5. Switch Off the Ignition When Idling

Essentially, you achieve 0 km/l when your car is idling. You’re consuming fuel but not moving toward your destination. Therefore, it’s good practice to switch off the ignition if you anticipate being stationary for more than 45 seconds. MyCarTracks can help you identify idling patterns, providing insights on where you could potentially save fuel.

In Summary

Improving your vehicle’s mileage doesn’t have to be complicated. By adopting these strategies, supported by the insights provided by MyCarTracks, you can significantly enhance your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, save on costs, and contribute to a greener environment.